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As an initiate into our franchising family, you’ll instantly get access to 3 important ingredients to become a highly qualified interior decorator. They are our:

The consistent strategies that work over and over again to produce success. Includes proven processes for marketing, product fulfillment, client interaction, and many others.

The driving force that make systems work. This can mean literal tools – like color swatches and catalogs – as well as marketing materials, scripts, and other shortcuts that will help you get your business up and started in record time.

Décor&You is more than a business – it’s a team. Though you’re in business for yourself, you’re not BY yourself. From the CEO to our admin staff to your fellow franchisees, we foster a helpful, welcoming environment where we all help each other prosper.

Here is the roadmap for how your education unfolds:

1. Discovery call.
Everyone’s needs, backgrounds, and expectations are different, so the best way to get your questions answered and find out if this is the best choice for you is with a discovery call with one or two of our coaches and/or Styleprint® Designers.

2. Welcome packet.
If you have the attitude and passion we’re looking for, we’re happy to accept you into our design family. You’ll receive your Getting Started packet that will begin your journey. This includes a wealth of information on setting up your business, effective marketing, and a foundational design course on CD built by legendary designer Mary Gilliatt.

3. Meet your training coach.
You’ll be put in contact with your Décor&You training coach, who will walk you through all the exercises and activities of the Getting Started manual. They’re there for any questions and inspiration you need.

4. Design exercises.
It’s time to test your mettle by putting together some room designs based on what you’ve learned. Not only will these be great promotional pieces for future marketing, but they’ll also prepare you for…

5. Onsite education.
An in-person curriculum led by veteran D&Y designers, including founder/CEO Karen Powell. You’ll go from novice to pro as you develop your skills and mindset.

6. Launch!
You’ll plan and execute your Grand Opening, attracting your first real clients as you jumpstart your new career.

7. Ongoing mastery.
Every industry changes over time and a true professional never stops learning. Through newsletters, community meetings and our yearly workshop, Décor&You keeps you abreast on all new industry developments so you can continue to offer a valuable service.

Ready to embark on this journey?

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Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to having a Discovery Call with you!


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